80’s 90’s Euro Summer Party

EUROPEAN SUMMER is the hottest party in NYC ♥ With 105 F temperatures outside, come and soak in the 80s, 90s music at Euro Disco club. Take control of this ‘ Cruel, Cruel Summer’ and absorb all the heat on our dancing floor. We can take it! We know the real hot! Free admission till 11pm with…..

80’s 90’s Euro Spring Party

Come to life at our 80’s 90’s EURO SPRING PARTY! Blossom at the sound of our tunes and awake your inner animal to the 80s and 90s biggest hits. Say ‘NO’ to hibernation and embrace the vibrant tunes of European classics like: “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” (Modern Talking), “Boys”(Sabrina), “Cause You’re Young”(CC Catch) or…..