About Us

Do you remember the best time of your life?
Was it 80’s, 90’s? Who said it’s over?
Come, join the EuroDisco Club parties where we bring back your unforgettable experiences from this special, epic time. Fall in love again with:
“Maria Magdalena”(Sandra),
“Don’t Cry Tonight”(Savage),
“Cause You’re Young”(CC Catch),
“You’re Woman”(Bad Boys Blue)
“You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” (Modern Talking),
“Coco Jambo”(Mr. President),
“We’re Going to Ibiza”(Vengaboys),
“Saturday Night”(Whigfield)
Every other month, the EuroDisco Club fearlessly and tirelessly delivers wicked – 80’s, 90’s greatest parties in NYC. We have the perfect Euro Dance combo that is so well remembered by our inner-teanager. Our parties start you off with greatest European 80’s hits and roll into the 90’s at the stroke of midnight. Then, when the crowd turns hot red, we top it up with Twist, Rock’n’Roll and La Bamba.
The European Style Euro Dance, is based in New York’s Alphabet City, the mother of 80’s scene – The East Village. Join us in the 80’s! We promise, it’s better the second time around! You know what you like and our DJs cater to your refined taste. Get carried away with hit songs of Modern Talking, Mr. President, Loft, Venga Boys, Whigfield, Captain Jack, Sabrina, Savage, CC Catch, Bad Boys Blue, Ottawan, Boney M, Opus, Silent Circle and many, many more…